The Academy will be hosted at Horsfall Stadium beginning in Autumn 2018

Bradford Park Avenue CFC are excited to announce that their academy will be hosted at Horsfall Stadium beginning in the fall of 2018.  Currently, the academy is based at Grange Technology College who we recognise as a valuable partner today and moving forward.

The Academy will be hosted at the new Horsfall College of Sport and will be open to both male and female students (aged 16 – 18) who wish to develop a career in sport. The Academy will offer BTEC courses in both Football and Rugby (League and Union) and will include sport management in its curriculum.   Horsfall College will see redevelopment to the existing facility to establish a suitable academic environment.  Further details will be disclosed as we progress with the plans.

Gareth Roberts, the Club’s primary financial partner stated, “It has always been my intention to improve opportunities for the young people in Bradford and the surrounding communities. This college will not only benefit the students that attend but will provide a facility for youth teams of all ages as well as the local community.”

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