2019/2020 Bradford (Park Avenue) Season Tickets are now on sale

In a clear statement of intent from the club, Bradford (Park Avenue) have today launched their 2019/2020 season ticket campaign which features incredible pricing value and innovative inclusions for their supporters in a refresh of the historic club.

Proper Football is what it is all about and the #ProperBradford Campaign highlights all that is good and unique about supporting the Famous Avenue at Horsfall Stadium for the coming season.

Incredible value is on offer for all packages with an exclusive Members Scarf included with all tickets, which will see the wearer receive a free hot drink on Match Days throughout the season.

Opportunity to upgrade your season ticket purchase with a discounted New Release replica kit for only £30 for Adults and £20 Youth is also on offer in Avenue’s campaign to make the weekly football ritual more affordable and accessible to as many locals and families as possible.

Adults can watch a 21 game season for just £4.76 per match with their Members Scarf included, whilst Youth get the scarf and entire season for £1.19 per game, with all members also getting a hot drink from a designated members tea bar throughout the season.

Parent and Youth Family packages see both enjoying a scarf and season of football with the comfort of a hot beverage at every game for just £5.71 per match.

The prices reflect an increase in offer for supporters for the new season with the inclusion of the members scarf and hot drink before each match, whilst also seeing Concessions and Adult pricing rationalised into one price point of £100 which sees both categories receive a reduced price from last year.

The Youth age limit has increased to 17 and under to help encourage the next generation of Bradford Locals to make #ProperBradford football a part of their weekend entertainment and join the club.

On launching the campaign today Club CEO Damian Irvine said :-

“I’m really proud to launch this campaign today; Gareth and Jonathan have been working hard on delivering a special offering. They felt the club needed a refresh and a push to provide new energy among our long serving loyal fans whilst attracting new supporters to Horsfall. We’ve focused on a commitment to affordable football and local youth and families”

Irvine went on to explain the #ProperBradford campaign:-

“We are a small, hard-working conference north football club. We can offer a very different experience to what our friends and rivals can offer and we wanted to highlight the positive aspect of that. Our famous Chips and Gravy, Real Ale Beers, Volunteer culture, and the match day experience of being able to get up close to the action, mingle with home and away supporters, and meet the players in the clubhouse afterwards, are all fantastic assets and we wanted to highlight them and let more people know about how good non–league football is for a day out”

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