Home Goalkeeper Shirt


Feel like a player! This home goalkeeper shirt is exactly the same as the the used for the First Team, Ladies and Academy sides.

Shirts have fully embroidered Bradford (Park Avenue) Crest and Macron logos across the chest area.

Its even fully customisable so you can add a name and number if you want!

Full range of sizes below.

XXXS / Ages 6-7* (Chest 25-28 Inch),
XXS / Ages 8-9* (Chest 28-31.5 Inch),
XS / Ages 10-11* (Chest 31.5-34.5 Inch)
S / Ages 13+* (Chest 34.5-38 Inch)
M (Chest 38-39.5 Inch)
L (Chest 39.5-41 Inch)
XL (Chest 41-42.5 Inch)
XXL (Chest 42.5-44 Inch)
XXXL (Chest 44-46 Inch)

*All junior sizes are estimates.

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