Construction Update

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As many of you noticed at Monday’s game (well done the lads), there is still a lot of construction going on around the ground.

In particular the “D” area at the Odsal end is being re-laid with a better carpet to allow it to be used to maximum effect. Unfortunately the company laying the new carpet had to postpone the installation for two weeks at the last minute, after we had spent the money to grade and level the gravel underneath.

This has left the gravel area exposed and if it becomes disturbed we will have to have it regraded at significant expense and potential delays. These types of problems have been cropping up regularly over the past 18 months because we are trying to improve the ground in the middle of a pandemic.

This has been enormously frustrating and has already cost  a large amount of overspend on the project. We are sure that the majority of our fans will want to help us save money wherever possible and so your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Our desire to keep fans out of the “D” and surrounding area has been criticized unfairly both at the game and on social media by some mistaken individuals. Hopefully this goes someway to explaining why

We continue to improve the ground for our fans’ game day experience so there will be work around the ground for some time to come. The end result should be worth our effort and your patience.