Legends Draw

The Legends Draw is a weekly draw run by Avenue fan David “Rolo” Rawling and raises vital funds for the Development Fund.

The Draw

Each entry consists of one number and one legend. There are 25 legends (listed below) and 60 numbers (1-60). A legend is drawn first followed by a number. Anyone with the correct combination receives the first prize plus the Jackpot, currently starting at £10.

If no combination matches, the jackpot is carried forward to the following week. Increasing weekly until won, or reaching its maximum (currently £100) when draws are made until this is won, as is the case with all other weekly prizes.


1st prize £50 (plus jackpot when won)

2nd prize £10

3rd prize £5

The prize money stated is based on current membership, but will increase as membership increases.

The Legends

Ham, Leighton, Stabb, Taylor, Danskin, Brigg, Geldard, Downie, Mcdonald, Hector, Elliot, Horsman, Suddards, Scoular, Bell, Buchanan, McCalman, Farr, Parris, Shackleton, McLean, Howie, Atkinson, Little, Greenwood

To Join

Get two entries each week for less than £1, only £4 monthly.

Five entries cost just £2.50 x4 payments monthly (if paid in cash) or £10 per month if paid by standing order.

You can pay by cash or standing order. Payment can also be made by bank transfer if desired for bi-annual / annual payments.

For further details please contact Dave Rawling on 07748340041 or dave.rawling@talktalk.net. Alternatively please visit the Development Fund Desk in the Clubhouse on match days.