Fans Forum Follow Up

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Following the weekend’s Fan’s Forum, the club would like to thank all those that submitted questions and those who attended.

To follow up for those that could not be present, we have published the statement below to address some of the key questions that have been asked.

Questions about the budget and financial position of the club:

The club continues to operate at a substantial deficit.  Last season, much like those prior, the club lost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

To conceptualise this, last season, the club net of all funding (including gate, club shop, donations, partnerships, etc), lost £20 per head on each individual who attended a match at Horsfall.

This season, the club expects to continue to operate at a deficit and substantial loss.  This is due to a decline in income despite making some budget adjustments.

The deficit continues to be wholly funded by the Board of Directors on a monthly basis.  Ultimately, this is why the club is looking at new ways of funding, including a suitable academy setup and additional stadium usage.

Questions about Gareth’s intent:

Gareth wants to win.  That said, he cannot continue to throw away hundreds of thousands of pounds attempting to do so.  There are dozens of examples of English clubs with unsustainable bases who have attempted to do so.  Right now, he is focusing on the season at hand and getting the club back to being competitive.  In addition, he is focusing on the changes needed at Horsfall Stadium and alternative income streams at the club to drive the club towards sustainability.

Questions about Horsfall stadium:

The club is currently in discussions to make significant changes to Horsfall Stadium.  These discussions include the independent Horsfall Trust.  The aim is that Horsfall becomes a community focused stadium, with consistent community use.  Specific details of the changes will be disclosed in due time, but are due to include a new perimeter fence, change facilities and seating.  It should be noted that the council will have final say on all changes to the stadium and that any lease is non-transferable.

Questions about the management of the club:

Gareth Roberts is managing the team of Marcus Law, Mark Leadbeater and Carl Marsden.  No one else is involved in the day-to-day decisions and business and football management of the club.  The football side is wholly managed by Marcus Law.  The directors have input on Board level decisions only and are not involved in any of the day-to-day decisions.  The club secretary, Colin Barker, handles all league and club communications and administration and should be commended on the amount of time that he gives the club.

Thank you again to all who support the club, it’s with your help and commitment that we drive forwards to build a sustainable and competitive club. A further follow up will follow later this week with specific questions answered in a summarised FAQ format.