Baggy Trousers talk encourages scholars to Have the Guts to Check your Nuts.

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Today Baggy Trousers UK founder and Chief Executive Jack Broadley visited the Horsfall College of Sport to give a talk on Testicular cancer and how to check for symptoms.

Jack who was diagnosis with of Testicular cancer at the age of 21, gave a great insight to the students on how early detection means that testicular cancer can normally always be treated successfully. He is living evidence of this and shared his cancer story with the scholars.

The students were shown on models how to check themselves and had an open discussion about when, where and how to self check and what to do if you do have a concern.
It was a fantastic talk and we would like to thank Jack for his time.

Jack left a number of flyers and information booklets which will be located in the clubhouse if you would like one. Information on this topic can also be found at