Boost The Budget 2023/24

During the 2022/23 season, due to the support of fans and several fundraising efforts, the BPA Development Fund were once again able to make significant donations to the club which were used to secure several signings in an attempt to maintain our league status. Ultimately however, for various reasons, this was not achieved. 

With your ongoing support through donations and our other fundraising activities, and the club looking for donations to be included with season ticket purchases, we can continue to assist with increasing the initial budget which can make a difference in bringing in the quality of player required. By donating now gives us a far better chance of a good start to the season, and this year sees an initial amount of £5000 being provided from ongoing efforts by the Development Fund’s activities.

At no stage do any of the Development Fund Group have any say in players being considered etc. with amounts being donated to the club when agreed between both parties. Should any funds remain at the end of the season, due to non-requirement by the club, such funds would be carried forward to the following season. 

Donations can be made in the following ways, these being administered by the BPA Development Fund.

(Preferred) Bank Transfer:

BPA Development Fund

Sort Code 05-02-00

Account Number 29955993

**Please quote “BTB” as the payment reference**

This can either be done as a “one-off” type donation or as an ongoing monthly Direct Debit, which you would need to set up with your bank, and inform us of this.


Made payable to BPA Development Fund, and send to BPA Development Fund, Horsfall Stadium, Cemetery Road, Bradford BD6 2NG, noting For BTB Purposes or as below.


Please visit the BPA Development Fund desk in the clubhouse on match days where Dave Rawling, assistant treasurer, can usually be found. Receipts issued if required. 

Thank you for your any previous support, we and the club look forward to more of the same!

The BPA Development Fund Group.