Call To Arms: The Avenue Needs You To Fill The Horsfall.

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With Bower’s men fighting for promotion on the field, the club has today issued a call to arms to fill the Horsfall Stadium ahead of our only home fixture of February vs Chester FC.

Having taken on board the ideas of a number of fans, the club has produced a number of A4 and A3 sized posters to be distributed across the city, and are now asking supporters to assist in making this possible.

CEO Damian Irvine said:

“With the Chester fixture looking to be our only home game of February, it’s vital that we get a large crowd in to back the boys as they push for promotion to the National League. Having listened to the views and suggestions of a number of our dedicated supporters over the past few months, it’s clear that there’s a consensus around traditional marketing methods to support our digital strategy, but that means we need boots on the ground to achieve it. That’s why we’re asking that anyone who can spare some time to distribute posters around local pubs, venues and work places get in touch to get the ball rolling”

The posters are available for collection from the Horsfall Treatment Suite at the Horsfall Stadium today and tomorrow (Friday). Additionally, supporters traveling to Altrincham this Saturday can arrange pick up copies from Dave Stordy.

If you would like to assist, and need to arrange collection of your posters to distribute, then please get in touch on