Covid restrictions and ‘Cash on the gate’

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Horsfall Stadium now entertains an increasing number of visitors and, hopefully, an increasing number of spectators to games.

We are also obliged to facilitate access to all areas whilst we encourage people to take suitable precautions with regards to Covid.

Our long-term aim is to move towards being cashless as a stadium, so we have set up a ticketing agency for events and card-readers for cashless payments.

We are aware that cash is still widely used, though it carries two risks, firstly a Covid risk of transfer, which is hopefully mitigated by the use and availability of hand sanitisers and secondly a security risk to employees and volunteers from the risk of theft or attacks. This is why we are very keen for users of the stadium to move towards an increasing use of cards and ticketing.

Hopefully we can also reduce queuing this way, which helps with social distancing where it helps us to operate efficiently.

As cash is still accepted inside the stadium (where would we be without Trevor and John collecting raffle money?) we are experimenting with continuing to accept cash on the turnstiles for BPA’s next two pre-season friendlies to see if we are managing to encourage more cashless solutions whilst allowing cash on the turnstiles and for food and drink purchases.

Hopefully all our regular users will help us to increase cashless usage and we will assess our progress after those games.

For the two PSFs coming up cash, cards and tickets will be accepted at turnstiles but we ask that folk do their best to go cashless, for the security and benefit to all of us, and to use hand sanitisers if they use cash.