Gareth’s New Years Message

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I would like to wish a Happy New Year to the Avenue family. 

2023 was a very tough year for our first team but 2024 should be much better. At least our club is still financially viable unlike many other clubs in the country.  It is strange that the UK allows the Premier league to spend huge amounts of money and fill the TV screens with games every day of the week while non-league clubs get absolutely no support for their community activities. 

Despite this lack of support we soldier on. We have promoted Thomas and Calum to positions where they can take on more responsibility and we have hired Danny as a full time Head Coach which is a big step forward for us. Here’s to a good 2024.

As always we are grateful for our supporters and volunteers but particularly Neil, Ben and the Development committee. We are always in need of help around the club and would be delighted to hear from anyone whose New Years resolution is to volunteer for a worthy cause.

Best of luck today to Danny and the lads!