Horsfall College draw against Ackworth School

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HCoS dedicated today’s 5-5 draw against Ackworth School to transgender fan Kyle Partridge on rainbow laces day. The rainbow laces campaign set up by Stonewall has a simple and clear message “Make sports everyone’s game.” During their time at the HCoS, the scholars are taught about inclusivity in sport and about barriers in sport and how in the future we can break these barriers. All at the HCoS are in full support of the rainbow laces campaign. Today we caught up with Kyle to discuss what it’s like to be a transgender fan and the support he has received from the Avenue family.

“Being a transgender Avenue fan is great, the club has made me feel really welcome, it’s just like family. Nobody brings up any of my transition and what I plan to do. They just treat me like a normal guy and have accepted me straight away. That’s how I have always wanted to be treated in the public eye.”

From all at the HCoS we would like to thank you for your support and please join us in supporting the rainbow laces movement.

For more detail on the game, check out our post-match interview: