Placement Student Reviews

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The 12 weeks I have been at Bradford (Park Avenue) FC have been an enjoyable experience wherein I have learnt many different skills that aren’t taught as part of my degree. This is mainly down to Tally, the placement supervisor. She is very welcoming and ensures you feel comfortable in your new environment. Not only this, the players are very friendly and funny and as such make you feel welcome in your new role as their sports therapist. The whole group of staff and players have all but cemented my decision to pursue a career in sports therapy.

Whilst on placement, we learnt new techniques, rehabilitation procedures and injury prevention. During my time there, I saw an array of different injuries which in turn improved my knowledge of the common injuries seen in football. Sitting pitchside on the bench was a whole new experience and opened my eyes to a different side of football. My time at BPA has given me a new love in football and I will carry on to follow their results for the remainder of the 2018/19 season and hope for promotion from the national north league. Thank you for the experience.

– Oliver Parkin

My placement at Bradford Park Avenue (BPA) has not only been extremely enjoyable but also very rewarding. Tally has been an excellent supervisor and helped me develop my skills as a sports therapist. Tally has done this by furthering my understanding of rehabilitation plans, soft tissue massage and injury prevention. Everyone at BPA has been very welcoming, from the players to the owner. It has been a privilege to have a placement at such a great club for the 2018/2019 season and have enjoyed every minute of it! It has given me the reassurance I needed that I want to work in a sporting environment. I would highly recommend any students wanting to do placement to work with Tally and the club.

– Ashely Harris Bullivant

I found my time at Bradford Park Avenue Football club a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I gained an insight into what it is like to work within the industry and it was a great learning curve. Two months of placement has given me confidence in that fact that I would be able to pursue a career in sports therapy upon graduation. My placement provider Tally, from start to finish she made me feel comfortable, taking me through the process and teaching me the knowledge that is only available through hands-on work as opposed to working from a textbook. The players at Bradford Park Avenue made my experience a much more positive one, as they created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making me feel part of the team, rather than a university student. I would love to return to the club in the future if any help was needed and it has been an honour to work as a part of the team for the past two months.

– Amarah Maddar

My Sports Therapy Placement at Bradford Park Avenue has really opened my eyes to working within the world of sport. My placement supervisor, Tally, was extremely helpful throughout my time at Bradford and helped me build my confidence in identifying, diagnosing and treating injuries accordingly. I feel like my therapy skills have come on leaps and bounds over my short 10-week placement. Tally, the other staff members and the team themselves were all so friendly and worked hard to make me feel comfortable while at placement and involve me into the team dynamics. Although I am happy that BPA has helped me start my developing career into a sports therapist, I am also very sad to be leaving this placement and hope that if any help is ever required in seasons to come that they give me a shout.

– Allissa Butterfield

The placement students have played an important role in assisting our sports rehabilitator in the maintenance and treatment of all our players. They have been enthusiastic and helpful throughout their time with us and they have all shown a willingness to assist in everything they have been asked to do. The placement students have been greatly appreciated by everyone at our club.

– Mark Bower