Post Match Interview: Brackley Town

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In an interview following Saturday’s defeat, Bradford Manager Marcus Law was very candid in his assessment of the performance.

Due to technical issues with the recording, the video of the inteview isn’t available, however a brief transcript has been provided by match day commentator, Russ Whittingham

Marcus said; “I felt the level of fitness amongst certain players I was assured about, wasnt where I felt it should be or expected.”

“I hold my hands up to the fact I feel I made a couple of selection mistakes.”

Marcus went on to thank the fans and stated;

“I wish to apologise profusely for that display.”

Following the final whistle Marcus and Lee, accompanied by the players, made their way to the traveling green army to apologise for the performance and thank the fans for making the journey.

Avenue Assistant Manager Lee Fowler commented that the level of desire and in particular “the fight for every tackle” wasn’t there. He went on to say; “Its my worst day in football”.

On moving forward both the Manager and Assistant re-affirmed a desire to work even harder to make the changes necessary for the club to positively move forward.