VIEW FROM THE BOARDROOM – Paul Armitage’s notes (15/04/23)

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Everyone is a bit on edge because we need wins and last week we had a storming first half and lost out on three points due to a mishit cross. It was good to be part of the new streaming channel despite the early glitches. We are looking at possible streaming options for ourselves for next season, possibly with different kick-off days and times. It’s going to offer a different and additional  income stream if we need it.

For next season Calum will take over the programme shop unit and develop it as a programme, kit and retail shop, with Dave continuing to give advice on old programmes. Dave has done amazing work over many years and raised thousands through his knowledge and efforts. This allows him a little more time for himself and other fund-raising ideas for BPA whilst still retaining his expertise.

What is currently the kit room will become another retail shop, possibly with more food and drink selling space.

Classroom facilities have been improved this week by Ben and Neil so we can cater for an increased number of Academy students and we are looking to keep some lads on for degree courses in related Sports studies.

We are still working on a grant to improve the grass pitches, related lighting and car park areas, all of which require attention. The rain gully and pipes at the rear of the main stand need fixing and we must make the camera gantry better as well as the gents toilets by the programme shop. Any offers of help or advice on fixing infrastructure problems should be directed to Calum and Neil. We have inherited quite a few of these issues as the council didn’t have funds to keep Horsfall in the best state or repair. This adds to our costs.

Calum is already working on pre-season friendlies, the next season ticket offers and the new kit deal and is starting to get traction on regular Horsfall events offers. Your support is always welcome.

As far as the league is concerned, Fylde and Kings Lynn are struggling to jump ahead of each other on the champion’s position and the play-off positions are still not easy to predict, though Chester are nailed on. Relegation battles continue and with a couple of wins for us, clubs above us would start to worry.

As yet we still don’t know whether all the NL pitch and accounting standards have been met yet by all clubs so it’s possible that fourth from bottom may yet survive. All to play for, though Telford are down and out and Scunthorpe will be a NLN team next season.

King’s Lynn ‘lost’ their manager to Aldershot and Brackley sacked their manager having only appointed him this year, with skipper Gaz Dean now taking over. Teams up at the top seem to have their money troubles and the NLN has had its least predictable season for a long time and no doubt has more twists and turns to come

Let’s start a winning run today, please get behind the lads again and let’s give them hope in upsetting the odds. They are giving it all on the pitch and there’s still hope we can survive in NLN.