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Following an incident last night at the match vs Campion. The club would like to issue the following statement;

Bradford (Park Avenue) does not and will not tolerate the use of pyrotechnics at any game, home or away. The use of pyrotechnics is not only dangerous to health, but our pitch is much more likely to be damaged given its synthetic make up.

Anyone caught trying to bring pyro into the Horsfall Community Stadium will have the items removed from them and denied entry, similarly if you are seen using them inside the ground, you will be ejected and immediately banned from all games at the Horsfall Community Stadium, including our Juniors, Scholars and Ladies games. The ban will also extend to any Anchor user and 3rd party games.

Calum Cullen;

It was incredibly disappointing to see the events of last night. Pyro is extremely dangerous and to see an item land on the pitch was terrible. We acted quickly with the Campion officials and have banned the individual from both grounds. We won’t hesitate to take this action again, but hope that we wont have to.