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The National League has been in discussions with BT Sport on the timing restriction on Clubs placing their highlights online and the difficulties this can cause some Clubs.

Yesterday BT Sport confirmed they are in agreement for the restriction to be amended so that Clubs can upload their highlights immediately following the BT Sport National League highlights show, rather than the current restriction.

Whilst the timing of the BT Sport highlights show may vary – they are typically scheduled at 10pm, finishing at 10.30pm, with this being the case for the forthcoming weeks.

Should there be any amends to the timings we will ensure they are sent to the Clubs.

Should there not be a weekend highlights show, highlights cannot be uploaded until after the blackout in accordance with Article 48.

In relation to midweek highlights, these can be shown immediately following the completion of the game.
This amendment is effective immediately and the League are grateful to BT Sport for this concession.