VIEW FROM THE BOARDROOM – Paul Armitage’s Notes (Morpeth Town)

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Amongst our own squad we have important players aiming for match fitness after long or short term injuries and some new players aiming to nail down a place in the starting eleven through strong performances. These challenges are part of a player’s experience and are important aspects of a successful squad. It was, therefore, good to see our increased focus on fitness, health, strength and conditioning in the new hybrid plans, and a fitting role for OJ. Nice to see we are trailblazing, with Birmingham City following on with Tom Brady’s appointment!

Best wishes to Mark and Danny as we hope for a full squad to choose from as soon as possible and with making the new hybrid system work well, with extra training and conditioning for the younger lads moving to full time. Like other projects, it will take time to settle in and bring benefits, but it gives us more options for recruitment and retention.

Good to see our new residents Albion Sports get off to a winning start against a much-fancied Silsden team, and again against Goole. As the RL season draws to an end, congratulations go to our other ground-sharers, West Bowling, on their promotion to the Conference Premier League as champions.

We need to get our own season kick-started now.

There is, however, a never-ending list of repair jobs that Neil and Ben are working on around the stadium. Some help is coming from a Howden’s grant to improve the classroom’s kitchen facilities. The increased flexibility of our business units must be used to our financial advantage.

There are times when Tom wants the youngsters, students and their parents to have more comfort and a good space to enjoy and either work or relax in and work in the training room is due to complete by the end of August. It’s good that we will have more and more new people developing a strong connection and sense of belonging to the club.

Tom also had his team helping with a Community Fun Day for local kids last month and managed to get a sunny day for it. The stadium was full of kids having a great time and the local Sandale Trust was heavily involved in the event too. We need local folk having a positive feel for all our stadium activities and for the wider Bradford population to be more aware that this is home for Bradford (Park Avenue).

You will have seen that we now have a very positive connection with the Steven Gerrard Academy, delivering Sports education to our Academy students, along with continuing links to Bradford College. As well as broadening our educational options, it helps not to have all your eggs in one basket and the SGA link is likely to grow each year and to help us cover increasing Academy costs.